What to expect when you start using colonics

When you first begin colon cleansing , you may have a “back-log” of fecal matters stored in the body, so colon cleansing can induce side effects like headaches, fever, joint pains, fatigue and cold. These kinds of side effects are usually not severe and usually lasts for a short period of up to three days and they occur during the process of the colon cleansers stimulating the entire body to rid itself of the toxins and excess buildup. If you are using coffee enemas you can expect even more detox symptoms – as the primary mechanism of the coffee enema is to cleanse the liver, bile and blood (not the colon) so it ads a whole new level to the detox. 

Always take responsibility for your own health – if you are experiencing prolonged or severe symptoms don’t hesitate to consult a doctor to ask for medical attention.

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