How to do an Enema – Tips and Tricks

  • If you have problems with gas or retention – try retaining the nozzle – as it can be easier to retain your enema for a longer period of time, because this way if there is any gas, the bubbles can go back up the tube (instead of you feeling like you need to expel the enema). Remember to relax!
  • Put several towels on the floor for your to lay on, and make a little pillow out of towels. When you are done the whole lot can be picked up and placed in the wash.
  • Light a candle, and make this a time of nurturing yourself. You are making the effort to take the time to cleanse your body, I find that lighting a candle helps to create a relaxing atmosphere – and being relaxed helps you to retain the enema for longer. A scented candle can be really nice too for more obvious reasons.
  • Make sure your water is at body temperature – if the water is too cold, this will be much harder for you to retain as it can cause contractions in your intestines which makes you want to release and go to the toilet. This can be ok if you are simply wanting to flush before you do your retention enema, but if its retention time, then you will not want cold water!
  • Use some sort of vegetable oil to lubricate before inserting the nozzle this will make things got a lot more smoothly.

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