Carnivore / Keto Experience

I have been experiencing some great benefits on the carnivore / meat based way of eating:

  • Im no longer anaemic as shown on my blood test, but also, I have a lot more energy than before.
  • My finger nails are much stronger (no longer growing clubbed which I believe is caused by severe iron deficiency).
  • My hair is no longer falling out, in fact, my hair is growing fast and thick. It’s the best it’s been.
  • I seem to be needing less sleep
  • I no longer have afternoon fatigue, like on keto, i can keep working throughout the day.
  • I am no longer massively bloated, I only get bloated when I cheat.
  • Overall I look less puffy – I only puff up when I cheat.
  • Cooking and preparing food is way way easier.

Once I made the mental adjustment to basing my diet around so much meat, I can honestly see that I was spending so much time on food in general. Im grateful to have this time back.

I’m not sure that this is the final step for me though in terms of diet evolution as I do enjoy cooking, and do miss certain foods, so I will continue to explore. It certainly is a great elimination diet though – as I know that eating meat does not cause me to get bloated or puffy… its a safe food.

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