Squat Potty helping you poop more easily

Did you realise that western toilets are ergonomically incorrect and make it harder to properly eliminate your poop? 

The human colon is not design to function that way – mother nature didnt invent chairs for us to sit on while we pooped. In nature we would squat to poop – and this action of squatting down allows you bowl to “un-kink” itself – aiding in the passage of faecal matter when you go to the loo. 

The recently released squat-potty is a great way to mimic this squatting action in your own home on your western toilet. The squat-potty allows you to “squat” while you do your business. This facilitates greater bowel movements – which will aid in emptying you out, can help constipation and bloating, and a general sense of wellbeing.

The squat potty is also good if you are doing a detox, as it helps you to feel like you are eliminating your toxins more quickly via bowel movements, which will help prevent toxin-reabsorption in the large intestine, while faeces sits around waiting to be fully evacuated.

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6 Signs you Have a Healthy Colon

Okay, so you want to know if you have a healthy colon? Here are some of the signs – yes people, I am going to have to talk about poop. Can you handle it?

  1. A healthy colon should have you pooping 2-3 times a day (one big one when you wake up and smaller ones later in the day).
  2. Your poop should be easy to pass, long and tubular, and break apart when flushed. If you are constipated there could be issues with peristalsis strength. 
  3. Your “end-to-end” elimination time ideally should be 18 to 24 hours.
  4. Poop should be light brown and not be too stinky.’
  5. Your skin shoudl be clear skin free from blemis
  6. You should have mild-smelling breath. Having bad breath is a warning sign that there could be something wrong with your colon.

How to Perform a Colon Elimination Time Test

There are several ways you can determine how long it takes for food pass from through your body (your elimination time), which is an indicator of good colon health.

One popular method is to eat beetroot (the whole beet not just the juice!) – make a note of the time and keep an eye out for them to appear in your stools – your stools will turn a distinct beet-reddish colour. Don’t forget you are doing this experiment and panic that you have seen blood!

A health colon has an elimination time of 18-24 hours, however bear in mind that if you have eaten a big fat steak before doing this – you may slow this down a bit. 

If you are a raw food loving vegetarian things might move a bit quicker for you and the intestine is a tube and this experiment isn’t conducted in isolation (unless you want to make your self very hungry! I know I don’t).