Coffee Enemas Prevent Toxic Bile Re-Absorption

There are many liver detoxifying herbs on the market – such as dandelion tea, milk thistle and oregon grape which work primarily by increasing bile flow. Bile carries toxins out of the liver, over time an increase in bile flow creates a detoxifying action on the liver. However, its important to realise that bile does not exit the body immediately once it leaves the gall bladder and moves into the intestines. A good portion of bile and the bile salts are reabsorbed into the body, which means it can take some time for these toxins to actually leave. This can be bad news for most of us living in a heavily polluted society as we need to be removing toxins at a much faster rate than our body can handle.

The good news is this bile-detoxifying process can be dramatically speed-up by the use of coffee enemas. The flushing action of the coffee enema safely carries the toxic bile out of your body quickly and effectively as the body will not be able to reabsorb the toxic bile back through the walls of the gut as usual. This greatly increases the removal of toxic bile from the body, resulting in a cleaner liver, and therefore cleaner blood. This is why so many people report feeling absolutely fantastic after they being using coffee enemas. They are kind of like a super-highway to get the toxins out of your body.


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